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I might want to send a consumer to The Academy because:

  • We offer individualized courses based on each consumers specific goals
  • We encourage consumer choice and support personal goals as well as vocational desires
  • We have an 8:1 student to instructor ratio
  • We provide a comprehensive array of the latest assistive technology for students with specific access needs
  •  We have many opportunities for hands-on volunteer and stipend positions that occur within the The Sierra Group Academy complex
  • We offer a large community network for potential vocational placement for students
  •  We present a professional environment that mirrors a live business atmosphere
  • We understand the specific needs of both our students and the competitive marketplace
  • We provide challenging and vocationally relevant assignments for students both in and out of the classroom setting
  • We supply each student with a clear set of expectations so that each individual has a lucid understanding of what is required for academic and vocational success
  • We are passionate about what we do!!!!

The first steps towards attending the Academy include attending a Taste of Technology.  You and the person you refer are both welcome to attend this open house to see first-hand what the Academy has to offer.

If you would like to send someone to the academy, please check out the courses available and download or view the application.

For more information on applying please call us at (267) 765-1507


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