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Are You Looking for an Intern or an Employee?

There are many ways that an employer can profit from hiring an employee with a disability. When a company makes the decision to hire a person with a disability, they not only secure a reliable worker, but they may also be entitled to a number of valuable financial incentives as well.

The Academy is an excellent resource for employers who are looking for capable, market-ready competitors for employment, stipend, and volunteer positions. Students of The Academy are trained and prepared to serve in positions ranging from short term data- entry projects to full-time administrators.

Hiring by its very nature always involves an element of risk – but we at The Academy have a built-in support structure designed to mitigate this inherent danger. Employers who hire a student from our program are automatically granted access to any supports necessary to ensure a positive employment experience. Employers will have the ability to call on Academy staff, The Sierra Group (engineers and consultants), and all wrap-around services associated with Liberty Resources. These supports are in place to advise and assist employers in receiving full financial entitlements, as well as ensuring a smooth vocational transition for both employee and employer.

This is an opportunity for employers to gain a committed worker, while at the same time providing a qualified person with a disability with gainful employment.

For more information regarding The Sierra Group, please visit www.thesierragroup.com.

For more information regarding wrap-around services, please visit www.libertyresources.org.

For a complete list of incentives available by state, please visit www.employmentincentives.com.


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