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Apply to the The Sierra Group Academy

The Sierra Group’ Academy provides core business training including:

  • Beginning and advanced computer skills
  • Operation of basic office equipment
  • Reading and written communication skills
  • Basic mathematics and calculator use
  • Resume and interview development
  • Dressing for success

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Who should attend?

The Academy is open to everyone. It was designed to accommodate the needs of People with Disabilities and people without disabilities. You should consider The Academy if you:

  • Are an adult looking for workplace skills
  • Have a disability that has limited your work experience
  • Do not have a disability and have never worked
  • Are recently disabled and need to prepare for a career change

Classrooms and Facilities

The Academy is designed for convenience and easy accessibility. Students can expect:

  • Height adjustable desks in every classroom
  • Multimedia classroom materials
  • A one-to-four faculty-student ratio
  • A full range of customized adaptive solutions that ensure access to all elements of our curriculum

The Academy is outfitted with five classrooms. Students can use these rooms and the resource area for independent study during Academy hours when a class is not in session. It is not essential that students have their own computers.

Classrooms are built with wide, easily accessible doors, and desks and chairs are designed for comfort. Computers are equipped and configured with appropriate assistive technology designed to connect people with a whole new world of technological opportunities.

The Academy supplies up-to-date Dell Computer workstations and Microsoft Office applications to mirror the technology that exists in the competitive marketplace. Our computers are connected to the Internet for e-mail and web surfing via our high-speed network.

The Academy provides extensive assistive technology for computer access, including several types of mouses, keyboards, and ergonomic devices. In addition, The Academy makes available a wide range of specialized assistive software, including:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software
  • JAWS for Windows speech output software
  • ZoomText magnification software with a speech output option
  • SoothSayer word prediction software
  • AceReader software to improve reading speed and comprehension
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing to improve typing speed and accuracy
  • Numerous other devices and software packages can be borrowed from PIAT (Pennsylvania Initiative Assistive Technology).

Regardless of the need, every student accepted into this program will have the specific adaptive solutions provided to them. This is included in the course fee.


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